Bear Lake Road -- Hollowell Park Topo Map

Mill Creek Basin Trail (1.6 miles, 600 feet)

There are active Beaver Ponds at Hollowell Park. To access them, follow the Mill Creek Trail for about 300 feet to a very big tall dead gnarled tree, look off to the left at about a 45 degree angle and you will see a black standpipe sticking out of the ground about a foot. The standpipe was the fresh water source for the homestead that once stood in the Park. Walk toward the standpipe and then follow the paths along the Mill Creek to the main beaver pond. Along the way you will see many smaller ponds made by the family of beavers. You will know when you are at the main pond as the dam will be about 6 feet high and there will be a very large lodge in the center of the pond. PLEASE USE caution and stay on the paths, as beaver are very shy creatures. As nocturnal creatures, you best bet to see them is just before sunrise and just after sunset.

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