Bear Lake Road -- Sprague Lake
Spraque Lake Panorama

Enjoy a leisurely half-mile walk around Sprague Lake (elevation 8,200 feet). This shallow, 13-acre lake is a remnant of a resort once owned here by Abner Sprague, an expert guide and host. Just before Rocky Mountain National Park was established in 1915, Sprague enlarged this lake by damming the far end to create better fishing for his lodge guests.

Sprague and his wife, Alberta, operated their lodge -- formerly located near today's parking lot -- from 1910-40. The Spragues introduced their guests to the pleasures of high mountain waters, meadows and trails. You, too, can refresh yourself by fishing, picnicking or hiking in this mountain setting. The 1/2-mile nature trail around the lake is handicap accessible.

The distant mountains in this photograph form part of the Continental Divide. Mountains from left to right are:
  • Taylor Peak (13,158)
  • Otis Peak (12,486)
  • Hallett Peak (12,713)
  • Flattop Mountain (12,324)
  • Notchtop Mountain (12,129) --Behind tall tree.
The hill in the middle right of the picture is Blerstadt Moraine.

Hattlett Peak was named for William Hallett, who climbed many peaks of this area in the late 1800s. A prominent cattle rancher and mining engineer, Hallett helped established the Rocky Mountain Club in 1896, the first mountaineering organization in Colorado.

Trailhead at the parking lot yields access to:
  • Glacier Creek Trailhead (.7 Miles)
  • Wind River - Storm Pass Junction (1.6 Miles)
  • Glacier Gorge Junction (2.8 Miles)
  • Bear Lake (3.2 Miles)

Photo Facts

This picture was taken within 1 hour of sunrise on May 18. 1999. There was no wind. This only occurs when the center of a high-pressure system is directly over the park. Watch the weather reports for this condition.

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