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Unique Map of Glacier Basin The button below will take you to a portion of the "Trail Tracks" hiking map for Rocky Mountain National Park. The panoramic map is an excellent tool for planning your hikes in Rocky as it is color coded for hiking dificulity and show you what there is to see along the trail and at trails end. This map is highly recommended.
Tuxedo Park Name missing from the Official Map and Guide, the picnic ground is the first paved turnout on the left after your leave Moraine Park. There are 4 picnic tables near the parking area and 5 a short walk down to Glacier Creek. The tables by the creek are protected from the sun by the heavy canopy of the tall Ponderosa Pine trees and the cool water of Glacier Creek makes this an excellent lunch spot to escape the heat of a summer day. No fires are permitted and unfortunately no restrooms are available at this beautiful location.
Hollowell Park and Mill Creek Basin Trailhead There are 3 picnic table at the entrance to the trailhead road and 4 tables at the parking lot. The newly reconstructed restrooms are accessible Access  and in time, we hope the picnic area will also be made accessible.
A short walk from the parking lot are beaver ponds that are known to contain Brook Trout and the outflow (Mills Creek) to the confluence with Glacier Creek are believe to contain both Brook and Brown Trout.

Elevation 8,400 feet.
Access to:
  • Mill Creek Basin (1.6 Miles, 600 feet)
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Glacier Basin Campgrounds  Photos Here Glacier Basin Campgrounds Information
Parking for Bear Lake Shuttle Bus  Access Unfortunately, parking at the balance of the stops on Bear Lake Road is limited. Frequently the large parking lot at Bear Lake is full by 9:00 or 10:00 am. 6 buses are available at this Parking Lot to shuttle you to the other sites on Bear Lake Road.
One of the six buses is accessible as are the restrooms at the parking lot. YOU SHOULD NOTE THAT THE MAIN ACCESS WALKWAY IS BLOCKED BY A STORM FENCE THAT PROTECTS THE ENTRANCE TO THE RESTROOMS. BUREAUCRACY AT IT'S FINEST! In time, this will be corrected. You can access from the road, as the dirt around the restrooms is the same level as the parking lot.
The trailhead at the top of the parking yields access to:
  • Storm Pass Trailhead (1.3 Miles)
  • Bierstadt Lake (1.6 Miles)
  • Bear Lake (3.6 Miles)
Sprague Lake  Photos Here Access Elevation 8,710 feet. Sprague Lake is located just off the Bear Lake Road approximately 7 miles from the US 36 turn off.
Bierstadt Trailhead 1.4 miles to Bierstadt Lake, elevation gain 566 feet. This is the hardest of the three trails to Bierstadt Lake. Alternate trails are from Bear Lake and the Bear Lake Shuttle Bus Parking Area. [In the summer, I prefer to park and take the bus to Bear Lake to begin this hike at Bear Lake and hike back at my vehicle at the parking lot.]   (215 KB)
Storm Pass Trailhead Elevation 8,750 feet.
Access to:
  • Sprague Lake (.5 Miles, 20 feet)
  • Wind River (1.3 Miles)
  • Glacier Basin Campgrounds (1.8 Miles)
  • Bear Lake (2.9 Miles)
  • Storm Pass (4.3 Miles)
Glacier Gorge Junction Trailhead Elevation 9,240 feet.
Access to:
Bear Lake  Photos Here Access Bear Lake, a .6-mile hike, is 250 feet from Parking Lot! Access is now complete all the way around bear lake.
Bear Lake Trailhead Access to:

Bear Lake Road Map

RMNP- Bear Lake Road Map

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