Trail Ridge -- Forest Canyon

Just beyond the flower covered meadow lies Forest Canyon and the Continental Divide with Mount Ida. This picture, taken at high noon, shows the problem of photograph trees at this time of day. Photographs taken in the early morning or late afternoon would render the trees a truer green.

Tundra Protection Area

Hundreds of feet cause damage that takes hundreds of years to restore.

The Glacial Landscape

Like other high mountain valleys, Forest Canyon was filled with ice and shaped by glaciers during the past two million years. Here, ice flowed through a stream valley and followed the straight line of the ancient faults. Side valleys contributed their own rivers of ice, and carved the canyons of Hayden Gorge and Gorge Lakes The Rolling terrain of the high country was untouched by glacial ice.

What you can see:

  1. Longs Peak (14,255)
  2. Stones Peak (12,922)
  3. Spraque Mountain(12,713)
  4. Hayden Spire
  5. Hayden Gorge
  6. Terra Tomah (12,718)
  7. Mt Ida
  8. Gorge Lakes

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