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At RockyMountainNP.Com we do not care whom you are and really do not want to know whom you are unless you contact us directly. We do not collect any identifiable information. We place no "Cookie" on your system nor are we affiliated with any Internet organizations such as Double Click or search engines that track and analyze your browsing habits.

What we do collect:
We do collect the basic few statistics in a standard W3C Extended Log File about how our site is used and analyze it to determine what areas of the RMNP site are the most popular. This system also tells us how you found our site, your browser and operating system.

How we use the data:
We use the information about how you found the RMNP site to determine how best to spend our advertising efforts and dollars. It also helps our advertisers know the effect of their advertising. We use your Internet Protocol ("IP") addresses to analyze trends, administer the site and track users' navigation through our site.

We use the information about your browser and operating system to improve our site and services, to customize our site for users, to develop statistical information about our users in aggregate and to solve compatibility issues for HTML (web page) format, Java and Java Script and other browser plug-in features. Did you know that the same version # of Internet Explorer or version # Netscape browsers behaves differently on a PC vs. the Mac? That Internet Explorer version 5 for the Mac displays larger fonts than version 4? If no one is using version 3 level browsers, then we no longer need to include code to work with those very old browsers. But if few are using Internet Explorer 5.5 then including special features for that browser will have little impact. We now test for the Opera and NeoPlanet browser. AND hopefully no one is using Netscape 6.0. Netscape 6.0 has some real problems with legacy html code and has a current bug list that Microsoft would be proud to call their own.

We share our information:
We only share our information in summary form with our Rocky Mountain NP.Com supporters to better aid them in determining how to spend their advertising dollars.

—— Karl Snyder, Web Author (Mountain-Mall.Com).
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